| Day One |

First, welcome.

I hope to look back on this post in a year or so and laugh at my awkward first typings into the blog world…

*oh wait, hahahaaa……too late..*

Another (serious) hope is to use this platform as a reflection on design of all kinds while collecting visual memories that peak my interest, thought, and spirit….

*”woooohoo that’s quite an aspiration”, you may say*

Yet, I am being real. Design resonates with me. Good design does. That which makes me stare in wonder, hold my breath, utter a low “wowwwww…”, and wrinkle my forehead trying to comprehend the beauty that was before me.

One of my first teachers while in college, would always say its all about:

“Truth and beauty.” 

And those words inspire me. Such a simple phrase made so much sense and stuck with me in my search and creation of great design.

“Truth” = The function of a space, the foundation, the honesty and authenticity.

“Beauty” = The wow factor, the piece that makes you realize you are witnessing something wonderful but you can’t identify exactly what it is. Its the feeling of a space even more than just the aesthetics.

Put the two together and you have an amazing balance of human life and human idealism. Hmmmm….does that make sense? ….I’m working on it…..

Well, thats my mini spiel. I guess another hope, *for goodness sake how many*, is to share my experiences, thoughts, and journey of being part of the design world to inspire and guide others.

Storytelling is the ultimate learning tool. And design is just one big story, all coming back to the human experience.

That’s some deep sh–

Peace x


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